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Always Buddy Hompage

Always Buddy Promise:

I pledge to honor the Always My Buddy system.

I Promise to always have a buddy with me when I leave home.

I will look out for myself and my buddy during the whole outing.

If my Buddy and I should ever become uncomfortable with our surroundings, I promise to use Always My Buddy Contact list for support.

Contact List:
-Mom's phone
-Dad's phone
-Buddy's Mom
-Buddy's Dad
-Local Police Department

The "Always Buddy" Program will serve will serve to educate our youth and make them more aware of the need to stick together. As children, we all learn to hold hands while crossing the street; while we all learn this lesson, we often fail to fully understand why we are doing this. Putting our hand into another's is a valuable, life-long lesson and our goal with the "Always Buddy" program is to build upon that lesson and help our youth understand that whenever they go out, they need to buddy up and look out for their friends. Each of us is responsible for helping one another and the "Always Byddy" program is geared to getting the youth of today to appreciate the responsibilities of truly being a friend.